What Happens during Tattoo Removal Singapore?

If you have a tattoo that you no longer desire to appear on your skin, tattoo removal service is now available. This service is designed for use by men and women and is considered relatively safe. If you are considering tattoo removal Singapore, knowing what to expect ahead of time can make the visit much easier.

tattoo removal Singapore

How many Visits?

You will make two or more visits for removal of the tattoo, depending upon its size, color, and other factors. Most people need only a few visits, but sometimes it can take as many as 10 visits. The first step is finding a professional offering tattoo removal Singapore and setting an appointment for a consultation.

Your First Laser Removal Visit

The initial visit is one that simply discusses your needs and the laser removal options available to you. The office visit then results in an appointment for the actual procedure to take place. It takes about half an hour each session to perform laser removal for a tattoo.

The Laser Therapy

Once you arrive for the removal, you will be placed under a laser machine to test the energy level needed of your treatment, after goggles are applied. A hand piece is put on the skin’s surface and the laser light is placed on top, with the activation of the light when pressed against the skin.

After the Procedure

Most patients say that laser removal doesn’t hurt but that they can feel the pressure. Many say that it feels like a pulse or a snapping of a rubber band on their skin. After the procedure, there may be a bit of soreness or bruising around the area but this will subside quickly. An ice pack is applied to the skin after the procedure to minimize these side effects.