Record Screen Captures of Your Favorite Videos

If you are like me, then you love watching videos on different streaming sites like YouTube.  Unfortunately, when you are not connected to the internet, it is impossible to watch your favorite YouTube videos.  This is a serious problem for those of us who are constantly travelling and want to be able to view our favorite videos even when we travel to areas that have no Wi-Fi connection.  Well, there is a simple solution to this, and it involves using a program that will record screen images for you so that you can save them as video files.  Basically, all you have to do is put the video into full screen mode and hit record on the software.  It will record a high quality video file of the video that you are currently watching, and then you can view the video that you recorded at a later time even if you are not connected to the internet.

    If you have always wanted to be able to watch your favorite YouTube videos from your hard drive at moments when you are not connected to the internet, then this is the perfect software for you.  Now, there are a number of different software programs out there which will allow you to do this, but they are not all the same price.  Some of them can be rather costly, while others are actually completely free.  You ought to weigh your needs against the price of the software in order to see what best fits your needs.

record screen

    Even if you choose to go with a free software program in order to do this, you will be able to record hours and hours of your favorite video clips and then save them to your hard disk drive for later.