Three tips to make your goose hunting trip successful

Spring goose hunting trips mean exposure to the migrating flocks of geese, heading north after their warm winter in the southern areas. These geese can be in huge flocks, sometimes as many as two million at one time. The area in Missouri where these flocks stop on their way north is an ideal location to get involved in goose hunting. Traveling to Missouri can be a fun trip, and enjoying the hunt can be a great way to spend time if you are there for another reason conveniently during the spring season.

The first tip to having a successful hunt is to be properly equipped. Having a quality goose blind is important. This allows you to be semi comfortable while keeping you hidden from the geese. Setting up a blind cross wind helps to keep the geese from understanding you are there to kill them. Therefore, that is a wise idea as well.

Another important aspect of goose hunting is to have decoys and calls with you. Make sure you are ready to call the birds in if you are set up and they continually fly right on past your area.

goose hunting

Finally, have a properly trained dog. This comes in handy if you do not have a boat and actually want to be able to take your bag of geese home. The dog should be able to retrieve the goose without huting the meat.

With these tips in mind, you can be better prepared to outsmart the geese and be able to bag a few for your dinner. Try out your best recipes and enjoy your meals with the fruits your hunt on the table. You can enjoy the goose and have fond memories of your hunt to be sure to feel satisfied with your efforts and your time spent.